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Identifying Vocational Rehabilitation Service Patterns and Employment Outcomes for Hispanics with Spinal Cord Injury

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Demographics in the United States are changing rapidly; it’s estimated that minorities may constitute up to 45% of the country’s total population by 2050.  Research suggests that ethnic minorities may potentially be more vulnerable to acquiring spinal cord injuries (SCI) than European-Americans. In addition, research shows that employment has a significant impact on improving the quality of life of individuals …

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Effective VR Services for Disability Groups at Increased Risk for Low Employment

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Recent research suggests that counselors, employers, and the general public’s perception of types of disabilities leads to higher rates of stigma. This places specific disability groups at increased risk for low employment. Results This study revealed that the most significant predictor of employment outcome for those receiving vocational rehabilitation (VR) services within the U.S. state-federal system was disability type (physical …

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Physical Activity in Individuals With Severe Mental Illness: Client Versus Case Manager Ratings

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Abstract The Physical Activity Scale for Individuals With Physical Disabilities was examined as a physical activity measure for people with severe mental illness. Case manager ratings were more closely related to body mass index than clients’ ratings, challenging the accuracy of self-report physical activity measures for individuals with severe mental illness. Read More Source: Bezyak, J., Chan, F., Lee, E.J., …

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Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors Speak: Preliminary Findings

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The RRTC-EBP-VR recently completed a study to learn what vocational rehabilitation (VR) counselors need to enable them to better implement evidence-based practices into their rehabilitation plans when working within the state-federal VR program. The title of the survey is “Engaging Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors in Knowledge Translation (KT) Processes: A Participatory Action Approach.” The survey was sent to VR Counselors nationally …

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Autism Spectrum Disorder and Supported Employment

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex, lifelong developmental disability that makes it difficult for individuals to understand social cues and facial expressions, express emotions appropriately, and adapt to change.  Many people with ASD have difficulty forming relationships, using language, and interpreting and responding to the world around them.  Although many people with ASD have the desire to work, an …